“With less than a month of coming to Art of Life I have had extreme changes to my body, not only with my lower back pain but other changes I wasn’t expecting. My heartburn has dropped dramatically. My weak bladder has gotten stronger to where I can sleep through the whole night without having to get up to use the restroom. I haven’t had any night sweats but the best result of all has been that for the first time in 10 years I have had a regular minstrel cycle and only one a month instead of two a month that would last 7 to 10 days each. The medical doctor had said the only way to stop my cycle was to have an ablation. Two weeks with Art of Life and my next cycle was normal! I feel better now in my 40’s than I ever did in my 30’s. I am a believer of Chiropractic.”

– Anonymous

“I began seeking chiropractic treatment primarily to ward off neck, shoulder and back pain that was caused from sitting in front of a computer at work for 30+ years.

Since I began maintaining my wellness with chiropractic I have noticed an elimination of headaches and nerve pain. I also notice that I recover from injuries quicker.

The coolest thing I learned about chiropractic is that the human body is complex and underlying spinal issues could be related to other health problems.

I also have some family members that have benefited from chiropractic in ways such as less dizziness, sciatica pain and improved scoliosis.”

– Anonymous

“I first began to seek chiropractic care because I plantar fasciitis. I saw my regular Primary Care Physician, a physical therapist and my podiatrist for it. No treatment that I received ever worked or even touched the pain that I was feeling. I then started coming to Dr. Marcus and was being treated regularly for 6 weeks. With each treatment I felt more and more relief and finally began to feel like we were fixing the problem.

Years later, my glenohumeral joint (shoulder joint) kept slipping out of socket and causing severe pain. I reached out to my PCP again and he then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who recommended Rotator Cuff surgery. After the surgery I suffered from extreme bicep nerve pain and was advised to see a physical therapist. I did PT for 3 whole months and nothing improved. Dr. Marcus was able to get my bicep pain under control in a few weeks and I am able to do my normal working activities again with no problem!

Since getting regular chiropractic treatment I am having less episodes of pain. I wake up in the morning with less or no pain at all. Most importantly I can drive long distances without the pain becoming intense. I believe I am finally on the road to recovery.

I have learned that chiropractic helps not only just your spine but other parts of your body. Try chiropractic! IT WORKS!”

– Anonymous